Experience the Northern Lights and Alta Quartzite slate at Pæskatun

High up on a plateau in the Pæska mountainside lies our Northern Lights Camp Alta, offering a breathtaking view over the Alta valley, the city of Alta, and the fjord stretching into the horizon. This unique location, far from any artificial light pollution, makes Pæskatun an excellent spot for photography and nature experiences. Best of all, it’s only a 20-minute drive from Alta’s city center!

With many years of experience in guiding and chasing the Northern Lights, we provide our guests with warm clothing, cozy cabins, and hot drinks and meals. We strive to ensure you have an unforgettable and enjoyable evening with us while hunting for the Northern Lights!

Pæska Mountain is rich in Alta quartzite slate, renowned for its exceptionally high quality. This slate is among the best in the world! From the very beginning, Pæskatun has attracted visitors from around the globe who come to see and learn how to extract roofing slates from these hard slate blocks. Since 1993, thousands of guests have watched in awe as the skilled slate workers demonstrate their craft, applauding enthusiastically when the finished rooftile is revealed.

Pæskatun continuously works on improving and developing new products to provide the best experiences for our guests. Explore our offerings to see and learn more about what we have in store!

Welcome to Pæskatun – where the wonders of nature and human craftsmanship come together!

Environment and Safety


We value the safety of all our guests and employees, both here in the yard and on all trips that we arrange, summer and winter. Our experienced guides have all been trained in first aid, they ensure that our guests have the clothing needed for a comfortable trip, they assess weather and driving conditions both before and during a trip, and can, if necessary, turn around in time. They assess whether the guests are able to complete the trip and can refuse a guest to participate if it will endanger life and health.

We also value the safety of our visitors here in the yard. Less safe areas where boulders and other things are stored are blocked off. Grandstands are marked for the visually impaired. In winter, the yard is cleared of snow and sprinkled with sand if needed. All motorized and mechanical equipment is handled only by authorized personnel. The public is kept at a proper distance during slate demonstrations.

Nevertheless, and despite our safety measures, accidents may happen. We recommend all our guests to have insurance that covers the activity they sign up for, for all group or family members, and we recommend that everyone follow the instructions given by the guides.

Environment and sustainability

We live close to nature here in the north, a nature that we both harvest from and that we happily share with our visitors. We are therefore very aware that we, as a company, as employees and as users of nature, do not leave traces behind us when we are on a trip. We show respect and therefore we clean up after ourselves and, leave the place in the same condition as it was when we arrived. Embedded in our history and culture is that we harvest from the nature, all year round, and take out what we need, for ourselves. We do not disturb wildlife unnecessarily, we use well-established paths and campsites, and do not have motorized traffic in nature.

In a bigger picture, all our activities affect nature. It is an inherited attitude, but also a duty to do the best we can to minimize our own environmental footprint, as much as possible. In May 2022 we proudly acheived the environmentally certificate Eco-lighthouse. All aspects of our operations are reviewed and, the goal is to reduce energy consumption, use more renewable energy, sort waste at source and more. We want our company to be sustainable, financially, and environmentally, but also sustainable in the society we belong to. We encourage and support our partners in their process of sustainability.

We will use the opportunity to encourage our visitors to share the ways of transportation whenever possible, when visiting us here at Pæskatun.


Our priority is to keep both you as a guest, but also our employees safe while you have an interesting and exciting experience with us. We follow the recommendations of the NHI to prevent the virus from spreading. We have reduced the capacity of our trips somewhat, as well as increased our cleaning and hygiene routines.

Our measures and what we ask you as a guest to follow:

  • Common areas and contact points are often cleaned and disinfected, and between each group
  • All equipment and clothing are disinfected between uses
  • Antibac is available at all times for guests and staff
  • Where the one-meter rule cannot be complied with, employees will wear masks, guests are recommended the same
  • Vehicles are disinfected between each group, passengers are recommended to use masks, and the driver wears masks
  • We ask you to respect the one-meter rule
  • We ask you to limit the number of belongings to an activity, but bring your own hat, scarf, and mittens / gloves
  • Preferably pay by card
  • Only participate in the activity if you feel well

Together we can contribute, and together we will come out stronger at the other end!