experience the arctic tradition of


Try fishing in the Arctic region

Summer or winter – we want you to experience the fishing culture of the Arctic.
In the summer we fish in the Fjord, while in the winter, we go ice fishing.


Available from January 2nd to April 30th

Let’s have a truly wonderful winter experience! A really popular activity here in the north is to go ice fishing. Back in the days it was a way to ensure survival in remote areas with little food sources during the hard winter time. But nowadays it is meant to be done for leaned-back outdoor recreation, social get-together and fun.

Season: 02.01 – 30.04
Capacity: 2-8
Duration: 4.5 hours
Price: NOK 1400/700 per adult/child (12 years and under)
NOK 9800 per private exclusive tour (max 8)
Departure: 10:00 or as agreed
Booking before 4pm one day prior

Booking closed until further notice!

Dressed in properly warm clothing we bring with us ice drill, jigging equipment (special, sensitive ice fishing rod), hot beverages and snacks. We head for the frozen lakes with direct road connection where we try to make a good catch and prepare it on the fire. No fish? Then we will make something else instead.

If you want, you can help us to start the campfire, drill holes in the ice, and prepare the fishing gear to be involved in a whole winter outdoor experience. Otherwise, the beautiful winter surrounding is inviting you to wander around and relax on reindeer skins until your guide will make you familiar with the fishing gear and jigging technique to increase the chances of success.

Pæskatun provides all the equipment needed for both fishing and to keep you warm from inside and outside. Pictures of our winter adventure will be taken and sent to a given e-mail address.


  • Transport
  • Soup
  • Hot beverages
  • Snacks
  • Picture

We provide fishing gear, and have warm thermal clothing and shoes for you to use during your trip.


Additional Information

For a comfortable and warm trip we recommend to bring your best winter clothing. In addition we provide for free thermal dresses, shoes, balaclava, mittens and hats.


Available from June 1st to August 15th

Let’s have a great fishing trip! We are inviting you to come with us to see how we enjoy life and nature in Alta. From time to time during the summer we go down to the fjord for fishing, make a campfire, relax, and enjoy the company of our family and friends.

Season: 01.06 – 15.08
Capacity: 2-8 (minimum 2 adults)
Duration: 4 hours
Departure: 10:00
Price: NOK 1400/700 per adult/child (12 years and under)
NOK 9800 per private exclusive tour (max 8)
Booking before 4pm one day prior. But contact us anyway, there might be space for you on today’s outing!

Booking closed until further notice!

We try to catch a fish or two and then we prepare them on the fire. If we don’t get any fish, then we will barbeque some hotdogs instead, which we do anyway.

Fish or no fish, the tour itself is always the most important.

We will be exploring the surroundings and there will be lots of storytelling. Pictures of our fishing adventure will be taken and sent to a given e-mail address.

You should have good walking shoes, and a warm jacket. Summer for us might feel as autumn for you.


  • Transport
  • A light meal
  • Hot beverages
  • Snacks
  • Pictures from your trip

We provide the fishing gear and fishing license.

Additional information

Appropriate shoes and clothing recommended.

The walking distance is approx. 1 kilometre t/r