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Available from September 15th to April 5th

Let the Northern Lights come to you! Join our Camp for a comfortable and social Northern Lights chase, located 20 minutes south of Alta town.

The Northern Lights Camp is for groups only.

Season: September 15th to April 5th
Capacity: 10-300
Duration: 3 hours at the camp
Price: Contact us
Departure: 19:00 or as agreed
Pick-up: Centre of Alta, by the Tourist Information, Labyrinten 3
Booking is normally three days upfront, but there might be places available for you too so contact us anyway! 

Staying at the camp we aim to experience the impressive show of the mystical Aurora Borealis. As the site is high up in the mountain Pæska, we can offer a fantastic view over the valley of Alta with minimum light pollution and is therefore a brilliant Northern Lights observation site and photo location.

If you bring your own camera the guides at Pæskatun assist you gladly with your camera settings so that you can take your own Northern Lights pictures.

Our guides will make a portrait zone where you can have your portrait taken with the Northern Lights as background. These pictures will be uploaded to a dated album on our official Facebook site (facebook.com/peskatun) where you can download your portrait.

Our camp consists of a wide area to wander around in the fairy-tale snow landscape to watch the Northern Lights from different spots. When the arctic winter shows its true face you can warm up and sit relaxed in one of our cosy and woodstove heated slate cottages while having a tea, coffee and cake.

But no worries, our guides observe the sky all the time and will let you know when the Northern Lights are dancing in different colours and breath taking shapes and formations are filling the firmament. Or you step by in our lavvu (Sami tent) where you can sit down on reindeer skins and getting spoiled by the pleasant warmth of the campfire. Additional open campfires with reindeer skin covered snow benches and wind protected snow wall constructions create an extraordinary atmosphere along with the fresh winter air.

Periods of low Northern Lights activity may happen and during these periods we will entertain you with a movie and slide show which tells the history, myths and scientific background of the Northern Lights.

As Pæskatun is an active slate quarry we will optional give a presentation about Alta`s slate industry.


  • Transport, if ordered
  • Coffe/tea
  • Cake

Additional information

We recommend wearing warm winter clothes and shoes.

For sale: Souvenirs, slate products hand made at Pæskatun, pictures, woollen clothes, and more.

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee finding the Northern Lights.

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Available from September 15th to April 9th

A special winter night! In collaboration with the best chefs of Alta, we offer a Northern Lights Evening with two-course dinner at our Northern Lights Camp at Pæskatun with elegant table settings.

Notice! Groups only.

Season: 15.09 – 09.04
Capacity: 10 – 100 persons
Duration: 4-5 hours

In a unique environment and extraordinary atmosphere, you will enjoy an exquisite dinner based on local ingredients. With the good weather conditions we have in Alta there is an extremely high possibility to see the Northern Lights almost every evening during the Aurora season. We will set up the star binoculars and study the stars and planets on the firmament and an aurora alert makes sure that you do not miss the spectacular Northern Lights outside!

If extra arrangements should be on the wish list we can arrange different options for you – have a closer look below at “Recommendations”. Just let us know how you imagine your perfect event.

Additional information

We recommend bringing warm winter clothes and shoes to wear when enjoying Aurora Borealis.

For sale: Souvenirs, slate products handmade at Pæskatun, pictures, woolen clothes and more.

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee to find the Northern Lights.


  • Combine with Northern Lights Presentation (history and scientific background)
  • Combine with Alta Quartzite Slate Presentation (history and geology)
  • Combine with Alta Quartzite Slate Demonstration (producing a roof tile)
  • Combine with Sami story telling in our lavvu (Sami tent)
  • Combine with special arrangements like live music or artists (contact us)


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Available from May 1 to August 31

A slate evening means that we invite you to come and enjoy a delicious meal in unique surroundings at Pæskatun. Inside our heated slate workshop, elegant table setting awaits, and here you will be served a tasty meal based on local ingredients prepared by some of the best chefs we have in Alta.

Note! Groups only.

Season: 01.05 – 31.08
Capasity: 10-100
Duration: 4-5 hours
Departure: As agreed
Price: Contact us with more information about your group
Booking minimum one week upfront.

Come, and experience the Alta slate at Pæskatun – 20 minutes south of Alta.

For more than 25 years, we have happily and proudly presented our important and unique slate industry to guests from far and wide. To show you how the slate industry in Alta has developed since the 1860s, we will illustrate with a film and slide show on the big screen.

At Pæskatun, one of our experienced slate workers proudly demonstrates a complete, practical workflow – from a large slate block to a finished roof tile and uses both old and new work techniques in the implementation. Today, a slate worker has a warm, modern workshop and other equipment to facilitate the work, but a strong and steady hand is still required.

A very important tool for the slate worker is the slate scissors. And after showing how he uses it, it’s your turn to try: Make a proper, homemade souvenir of the world-famous Alta slate!

If something extra should be on the wish list, we can arrange different options for you – take a closer look at “Recommendations”. Let us know how you envision your perfect event.


More information

Clothes for the weather and that can withstand a visit in a slate quarry.
We make unique and exclusive quality products and souvenirs of slate that can only be bought at Pæskatun.



  • Combine with a Northern Lights presentation (historical and og scientific background)
  • Combine with Alta slate presentation (historical and geologically)
  • Combine with Alta slate demonstration (production of a roof tile)
  • Combine with Sami storytelling in the lavvu (Sami tent)
  • Combine with special arrangement like music groups and artists (contact us)


Available year around

Join us for a guided tour to and at Pæskatun slate quarry. Along the way, our local and experienced tour guide will share all their knowledge of Alta and point out the ubiquitous 800 million year old Alta quartzite slate.

Season: Year around
Capasity: 2-8 (minimum 2 adults)
Duration: 2,5 hours
Price: NOK 1200/600 per adult/child (12 year or younger)
NOK 8400 per exclusive private tour (max 8)
Departure: 11:00 Monday – Saturday
Pick-up: At your hotel
Booking before 16:00 two days upfront

The history of Alta’s slate industry dates back to the 1860s. Up in the slate mountains at Pæskatun, a visually and acoustically impressive presentation will teach you about the world-famous Alta slate. It shows how the slate is taken out of the rock and how the slate worker makes a roof tile out of the large slate blocks.

Afterwards, it’s your turn to be a “slate worker-for-a-day” by using one of the traditional slate scissors to make your own real and unique Alta slate souvenir!

Once done with the “hard” work, it’s time to relax, explore our slate quarry or take a look inside the slate cabin museum to see how they lived and worked in “those hard days”. We also have fantastic views from the yard, let your eyes wander around the peaceful and soothing nature of the Alta valley before we unfortunately have to tear ourselves away and set course for the city again.


  • Pick-up and transport
  • Self-made souvenir
  • Hot beverages
  • Snacks

More information:

Clothes for the weather and that can withstand a visit in a slate quarry.
We make unique and exclusive quality products and souvenirs of slate that can only be bought at Pæskatun.

include information about your group


Available all year round

If you are planning to form cooperative skills of you employees and binding your team together by fun and exciting activities we can help you with that. Through funny activities you become a “true” Alta citizen!

Season: All year round
Capacity: 10-50 – contact us when large arrangements
Departure: As agreed
Duration: 4-5 hours
Price: Contact us with more information about your group!
Booking minimum a week prior to the event. Contact us for more information.

Booking closed until further notice!

Selected and region-related activities call up your colleagues’ team spirit. Choose between:

  • being a Slate worker – produce a slate item
  • being a Salmon fisher – fly fishing simulation
  • being a Stone ager – hunt the bear with bow and arrow
  • being a Reindeer herder – catch the reindeer with a lasso
  • being an Aurora pioneer – reveal the secrets of the Northern Lights
  • being our Neighbour – make a bonfire and heat up water for coffee making.

Or give us a wish-list and we can together work out the perfect teambuilding for your colleagues.

If it comes to eating and drinking we can offer everything from simple snacks, coffee and cake, to high-class dishes which are made exclusively by the best chefs of Alta.

On request, we can provide an appropriate sound system, beamer for presentations with a microphone and much more, even a shuttle.

If you are interested in an entertainment we can offer please have a closer look here:

  • Northern Lights Presentation (history and scientific background)
  • Alta Quartzite Slate Presentation (history and geology)
  • Alta Quartzite Slate Demonstration (producing a roof tile)
  • Sami storytelling in our lavvu (Sami tent)
  • Special arrangements like live music or artists (contact us)


Additional information

Clothing and shoes according to the season are recommended.
We produce unique and exclusive slate souvenirs which can only be bought at Pæskatun.