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Available from September 15th to April 5th

Let the Northern Lights come to you! Join our Camp for a comfortable and social Northern Lights chase, located 20 minutes south of Alta town.

The Northern Lights Camp is for groups only.

Season: September 15th to April 5th
Capacity: 10-300
Duration: 3 hours at the camp
Price: Contact us
Departure: 19:00 or as agreed
Pick-up: Centre of Alta, by the Tourist Information, Labyrinten 3
Booking is normally three days upfront, but there might be places available for you too so contact us anyway! 

About this Experience

The Northern Lights have fascinated, frightened, and brought people together for thousands of years. This spectacular light phenomenon has been experienced by many, or at least seen in pictures. There is nothing quite like standing outside in the dark on a freezing winter night and watching the colorful lights dance across the sky!

Throughout the millennia, the Northern Lights have inspired stories, myths, and legends. They are connected not only to science and nature but also to superstition, culture, mysticism, and religious beliefs.

Just 20 minutes south of Alta lies Pæskatun, a family-run tourist business located in the heart of Peska mountain. We offer a large outdoor area perfect for observing the Northern Lights. Here, there is minimal light pollution and excellent views in almost every direction.

When the Arctic winter shows its true face, you can relax and warm up in one of our cozy, wood-fired slate cabins while enjoying a cup of tea or coffee and a piece of cake. Our guides are always outside, monitoring the clear sky, ready to inform you when the Northern Lights appear. They get just as excited as the guests when the Northern Lights fill the sky with the most fantastic shapes and colors.

Heated Slate Cabins Take your time to explore our original slate cabins while you’re at Pæskatun. The cabins, which have been part of various slate quarries, are filled with historical artifacts. Here, you can learn a lot about local history. The cabins are also warm, so if your fingers get cold after watching the Northern Lights, you can take a break inside. In some cabins, refreshments are also served.

Helpful Guides If you book an event with us, our helpful and friendly guides will always be present. They will answer any questions you may have about the Northern Lights or help you find the right settings for your camera. The guides also ensure that it’s always warm and cozy around the fire and that there’s plenty of coffee and tea available. When the Northern Lights shine, you can get your own Northern Lights picture sent to your email – completely free!

Activities for Your Group Since the Northern Lights are a natural phenomenon, we cannot always guarantee their appearance. Therefore, we offer a range of other exciting activities:

Northern Lights Presentation Learn facts about the Northern Lights through myths, stories, and legends. Dive into a fascinating lecture you won’t soon forget, presented by a professional guide. Duration: approx. 30 minutes.

Meet a Reindeer Herder and Feed Reindeer The Sami culture has many treasures with deep roots connected to the nature of Finnmark. Have a chat with a real reindeer herder or greet a reindeer while you wait for the Northern Lights.

Sledding Hill Feeling adventurous? Try our sledding hill! Perfect for both children and adults.

Slate Demonstration Be fascinated by the beautiful Alta slate! Since you are in a real slate quarry, you now have the opportunity to see how a roof tile is made. Live demonstration with information on modern and ancient slate quarrying. Duration: approx. 30 minutes.

Buy Souvenirs At Pæskatun, we sell handmade slate souvenirs as a small memento of your experience. The products come in different shapes and colors, inspired by the nature around us. You can also buy a small selection of clothing for the occasion and other exciting items.

Other Options On request, we can also provide dinner service in the slate hall or in the panoramic cabin.


  • Coffee/tea
  • Cake
  • Traditional Sami lavvu with a fire



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Available from September 15th to April 9th

A Northern Lights evening is an event where your group get to experience the aurora in comfortable and social surroundings. The evening includes a presentation on the myths and history of the Northern Lights, a dinner inspired by Finnmark cuisine, as well as coffee and cakes. Guests can enjoy the warmth of a bonifre and take advantage of great photo opportunities while waiting for the Northern Lights.

Notice! Groups only.

Season: 15.09 – 09.04
Capacity: 10 – 100 persons
Duration: 4-5 hours

Experience a magical Northern Lights evening with us! We invite you to an unforgettable night under the dancing lights of the aurora in the sky. Welcome to a unique experience.

The evening begins with a warm welcome and an introduction to our facility here at Pæskatun. Here, you’ll gain insight into the camp’s amenities, designed to provide you with the best experience of the Northern Lights.

Exciting Northern Lights presentation

Next, we’ll take you on an exciting journey through the myths and history of the Northern Lights. Our presentation is both informative and engaging and can, of course, be adapted based on the aurora activity of the evening to give you the best experience.

Dinner in a newly built panoramic cabin/slate hall

When hunger strikes, we invite you to a delicious dinner in our newly built panoramic cabin. Skilled chefs have put together a menu inspired by the rich culinary traditions of Finnmark, made with the finest local ingredients. Enjoy a meal in a cozy atmosphere with fantastic views over the Alta Valley.

Coffee and cakes

After dinner, we serve freshly brewed coffee and homemade cake. This gives you the opportunity to relax and enjoy the company in a laid-back and pleasant atmosphere.

Comfortable waiting time

While waiting for the Northern Lights to appear, you can wander around in authentic slate huts and see how people lived and worked in the past. You can view old tools and artifacts and learn more about the daily routines of slate workers throughout the ages. This gives a rich and vivid understanding of the cultural heritage of the slate industry.

Or, you can relax by the outdoor fire, or in our heated lavuu.


Unique photo opportunities

Should the Northern Lights appear, we offer to take a portrait of you with the Northern Lights as the background. This will be a memory for life and a perfect way to capture this magical experience.

Tailor your experience

This experience can also be tailored to your needs. Does your group want alcohol service? Contact us, and we’ll arrange it!

Flexible options

If we are unlucky with the weather on the particular evening, we can move to better conditions. Our experienced guides will take you on a journey, and we can drive up to 200 kilometers to find the perfect spot to see the Northern Lights. We also offer a fascinating slate demonstration or an exciting slate lecture. This gives you insight into the traditional craftsmanship methods and the history behind slate industry in Alta. area.

Additional information

We recommend dressing warmly in winter clothes and shoes to fully enjoy the evening. Toilets are available on-site for your convenience. At Pæskatun, you will also find a selection of souvenirs, handmade slate products, and a varied range of woolen clothes. These unique products give you the opportunity to take a piece of this special experience home.

Please note: Although we do our best to provide optimal conditions, unfortunately, we cannot give an absolute guarantee for the Northern Lights as this depends on weather conditions. We appreciate your understanding and look forward to giving you an unforgettable experience under the Northern Lights.

Book your Northern Lights evening now and create memories for life!


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Available from May 1 to August 31

A slate evening is an exciting night filled with adventure and learning, where participants explore the legendary Alta slate. It involves a blend of engaging lectures, hands-on demonstrations of slate work, and a delightful dinner in a unique setting. Afterwards, gather in cosy warm cabins to share stories and experiences, experiencing the magical atmosphere that only a slate evening can provide.

Note! Groups only.

Season: 01.05 – 31.08
Capasity: 10-100
Duration: 4-5 hours
Departure: As agreed
Price: Contact us with more information about your group
Booking minimum one week upfront.

Join us for a magical evening at Pæskatun – a feast experience with slate in focus! We look forward to sharing this unique evening with you.

About This Experience

The evening starts with an engaging lecture that takes you on a journey through the history of slate and how it has been used over time. You’ll learn about the slate industry in Alta, which has been around for over 160 years, and hear fascinating stories about how this unique stone has shaped both the local community and the world.

Next, experienced slate workers will demonstrate how they work with the slate. You’ll see the entire process from raw stone to finished product. The demonstration goes trough techniques and innovations from the 1850’s until today. The demonstration is of course guided by an skilled slateworker.

After the demonstration it’s your turn to cut your own slate souvenir!

After gaining insight into the slate industry, you can wander around authentic slate huts and see how people lived and worked in the past. You can view old tools and artifacts and learn more about the daily routines of slate workers throughout the ages. This gives a rich and vivid understanding of the cultural heritage of the slate industry.


Dinner in Panorama cabin / Slate-workshop

We invite you to a feast in our newly built panoramic cabin, where we serve rustic and flavorful dishes inspired by the nature around Alta. While you eat, you can enjoy the fantastic view over the Alta valley.

The evening concludes with a social gathering. We open the lavvu, light a fire, and create a cozy atmosphere where you can relax and enjoy the clear night.

An evening with slate is a perfect event for large groups, with plenty of space for activities and opportunities for courses, conferences, or team-building


Discover The Slate Quarry Of Alta (Guided tour with minibus)

Available year around

Experience the best slate in the whole world, Alta Quartzite Slate! Raw and famous. Real and traditional. 

Get the story behind the world-famous Alta slate. Join us for a guided tour. See the most important sights on the way, and last but not least; cut your own souvenir stone in genuine Alta slate quality.

Season: Year around
Capasity: 2-8 (minimum 2 adults)
Duration: 2,5 hours
Price: NOK 1200/600 per adult/child (12 year or younger)
NOK 8400 per exclusive private tour (max 8)
Departure: 11:00 Monday – Saturday
Pick-up: At your hotel
Booking before 16:00 two days upfront

The world-famous quartz slate from Alta is more than 800 million years old, and is known for its hard quality and as a incredibly strong building material. We really believe that Alta has the world’s best slate, and we want to show it off to everyone!

Over time the Alta slate also became an important economic basis for the city, and you can see the Alta slate in use on roofs, along streets, on facades and in public and historic buildings both at home and abroad.

This has been a resource that has guided Alta through thick and thin, and became very important for the development of the city of Alta – both economically, and culturally for more than 160 years.

About this experience

We pick you up as agreed – then we drive you through the Alta valley while you enjoy the view, and listen to the guide as he gives you some interesting facts about Alta. On the way up to Pæskatun, we also make a short stop at the main quarry.

On arrival at Pæskatun, you first get a small tour of the slate workshop, and a brief introduction to slate from a geological point of view, and the workflow of a slateworker – then it’s your turn to try the slate scissors!

After the “working day” is over, we take you into the museum cabin where you will get a guided tour and a better understanding of what the living conditions of a slate worker have been like over many years.


Here we have collected several historical objects that have been important to the workers throughout the years.

We finish with fresh brewed coffee, cake, and a movie in one of our warm cabins.

On the return trip, we drive past some important sights associated with the Alta slate. (Slate harbor, Old Alta Church in Bossekop and Elvebakken)

This is what you learn

  • See a real slate Quarry
  • Get to know Pæskatun – a family-run tourism business in Alta
  • Make your own handmade slate souvenir with a tradtional slate scissors
  • Get to know the traditional craftsmanship behind the processing of the Alta slate. The techniques, innovations and methods through over 160 years.
  • See real slate work-and sleep cabins that convey their own history. About the toil, and life in the rock – through years of hard work.
  • Get to know the free slate worker. About the lifestyle, and the strong connection to nature.
  • Experience the most important sights associated with the Alta Quartzite slate.

Who are we?

A family-run production and tourism company with nature and the Alta slate in focus. Here we make a living from, among other things, various handmade slate products. Our products are of course made with great passion, experience and precision.

 What’s included on this tour?

– Coffee / tea /snacks

– Homemade Cake

– Film about drilling and blasting

– Guided tour of Pæskatun (workshop and museum cabins)

– Pick-up / delivery

– Make your own slate souvenir

– Sightseeing tour in Alta

Practical information

– The trip takes about 3 hours including transport. There will we toilets available along the way. The guide speaks both Norwegian and English. The bus has room for 8 guests on each trip.

– Wear proper clothes that is okay to bring to a slate quarry.

– There are also other souvenirs available for purchase.


  • Pick-up and transport
  • Self-made souvenir
  • Hot beverages
  • Snacks

include information about your group

Courses and Conferences at Pæskatun

Are you looking to develop and strengthen the teamwork skills of your employees? Do you wish to foster closer bonds within your team through fun and exciting activities set in a unique and inspiring environment? At Pæskatun, we can help you organize the perfect course and conference retreat.

Season: All year round
Capacity: 10-50 – contact us when large arrangements
Departure: As agreed
Duration: 4-5 hours
Price: Contact us with more information about your group!
Booking minimum a week prior to the event. Contact us for more information.

Facilities for Courses and Conferences

At Pæskatun, we provide ideal settings for your courses or conferences. We have several charming cabins that can be used as meeting venues. Equipped with modern facilities, including projectors for presentations, these cabins offer a splendid view of the Altadalen valley. This creates an inspiring and tranquil atmosphere that enhances productivity and creativity.

In addition to our main cabin, we also have a panoramic cabin that can be used for social gatherings. Offering a breathtaking view, it provides a unique experience of the Altadalen landscape.

Culinary Experiences

We understand the importance of good food and drink during a course or conference. Upon request, we can serve hot lunches or dinners in our facilities. Prepared by Alta’s finest chefs, our meals can be tailored to your specific preferences and dietary needs, including special diets and allergies.

Teambuilding Activities

While the main focus is on courses and conferences, we can offer a variety of teambuilding activities if desired. These activities promote teamwork and provide participants with the opportunity to learn something new and challenge themselves in innovative ways. Choose from:

  • Be a Slate Worker – produce a slate tile and gain insight into traditional craftsmanship.
  • Be a Salmon Fisherman – experience the thrill of fly fishing under expert guidance.
  • Be a Stone Age Woman/Man – try your hand at hunting bears with bow and arrow.
  • Be a Reindeer Herder – learn the art of catching reindeer with a lasso.
  • Be a Northern Lights Pioneer – uncover the secrets of the Northern Lights through exciting stories and scientific explanations.
  • Be one of our Neighbors – learn how to build a fire and boil water for coffee in nature.

If you have specific requests, we can work together to create the perfect teambuilding experience for your team.

Transportation and Logistics

To make your visit as smooth as possible, we offer shuttle services with minibusses or larger buses upon request. We ensure that everyone arrives safely to and from our events, no matter where you are located.

Experiences and Presentations

We offer a range of entertainment options to add an extra dimension to your course and conference experience. These activities provide a cultural and historical context that enriches your stay even further:

  • Northern Lights Presentation – gain insight into the historical and scientific background of the Northern Lights, with stunning images and stories.
  • Alta Slate Presentation – learn about the fascinating history and geology of Alta slate.
  • Slate Demonstration/ Guided Tour – see how traditional roofing tiles are produced, from raw material to finished product. Afterwards, guests can explore authentic slate cabins.
  • Samí Storytelling in a Lavvu – experience Samí culture and tradition through captivating stories in an authentic lavvu. This provides a unique insight into Samí life and history.
  • Special Events – we can arrange music groups, artists, and other entertainment acts according to your preferences. Contact us to tailor the entertainment to your event.

Additional Information

We recommend that participants dress according to the weather conditions and wear clothing suitable for a visit to a slate quarry. At Pæskatun, we produce unique and exclusive quality products and souvenirs made of slate, only available from us. These can be wonderful mementos or gifts for participants.

With our wide range of activities, first-class facilities, and stunning surroundings, we are confident that we can offer a memorable course and conference experience for your company. Contact us today to plan your next event, and let us help you create an inspiring and productive stay for your employees. We look forward to welcoming you to Pæskatun!

Important Information

From June 17th to August 17th, we have summer opening hours for individual guests. During this period, the panoramic cabin operates as a café and souvenir shop during the daytime, unfortunately meaning we cannot host other activities there during opening hours. However, the cabin is available for meetings and other gatherings in the evenings after closing time.