be like a true norwegian and go


Experience the Norwegian national sport: cross-country skiing!

In Norway, we have a saying about being born with skis on our feet. Skiing is the Norwegian national sport, which we are, of course, very proud of. Come try it with us!


Available from January 2rd to April 5th

Never tried Nordic classic skiing before? “Start slow, speed up as you go”
Do your very first crosscountry skiing steps with us and lay the foundation for a new hobby!

Season: 02.01 – 05.04 (all weekdays except Sundays)
Capacity: 2-8 (minimum 2 adults)
Price: NOK 1500 / 750 per adult / child (12 years and under)
NOK 10500 per private exclusive tour(max 6)
Departure: 10.00
Duration: 4 hours
Booking: before 4pm two days prior. But contact us anyway, there might be space for you on today’s outing!

Booking closed until further notice!

Never tried Nordic classic skiing before? We are beginning our winter experience on a flat track which is prepared with a cross country ski slope to make it easier in the beginning. We provide all the equipment and winter thermal gear you need for a pleasant day with us.

As we keep the group small you get a very personal introduction from your guide to teach you the correct technique. When your skills have increased after the training session we go for a little tour in the fairytale winter surrounding of Alta.


  • Transport
  • Skiing equipment
  • Hot beverages
  • Snacks

We have thermal clothing for you to use while skiing.