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Experience the Norwegian national sport: cross-country skiing!

In Norway, we have a saying about being born with skis on our feet. Skiing is the Norwegian national sport, which we are, of course, very proud of. Come try it with us!

Try cross-country skiing – Norway’s national sport

Available from January 2rd to April 6th

Do your very first cross-country skiing steps with us and lay the foundation for a new hobby! We take you on a easy ski trip in idyllic surroundings. Come and try cross-country skiing  in scenic Alta.

Season: 02.01 – 06.04 (all weekdays except Sundays)
Capacity: 2-8 (minimum 2 adults)
Price: NOK 1600 / 800 per adult / child (12 years and under)
NOK 11200 per private exclusive tour(max 6)                              Departure: 10.00
Duration: 4 hours
Booking: before 4pm two days prior. But contact us anyway, there might be space for you on today’s outing!

Difficulty: Beginner/intermidiate. This is a biginners course, but if you have skied before, feel free to join as well.

After we have picked you up, you will be taken up to Pæskatun (20 min drive from the center), where our base is located. Here we collect ski equipment, and you will receive a small safety brief. A short course will also be given before we start (how poles and ski work etc). From there, the road goes to a good ski track, where the tour starts.

The trail is flat and suitable for all levels, and the track is about 1 km long with possibilities to go sevral rounds. The instructors will give you tips and tricks along the way.

There we will served hot drinks, as well as something good to chew on.

Whats’s included?

  • Transport
  • Skiing equipment
  • Hot beverages
  • Snacks
  • Learn to cross-country ski – Norway’s national sport
  • Enjoy a hot drink/ snacks
  • Competent and experienced guides.
  • Remember that with us you can borrow warm clothes and ski equipment free of charge!

Important information

  • We reserve the right to cancel the trip if the conditions are extremly difficult. (snowblizzard, too cold, or too little snow)
  • We reserve the right to change the tour for safety reasons if necessary.

  • We recomend warm clothes for this trip. Preferably wool tight to the body. One or two layers depending on the temprature.